Torco SR-1 Synthetic Motor Oil 5w20 1-Liter Bottle

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Torco SR-1 Synthetic Motor Oil 5w20 1-Liter Bottle 

The new Torco SR-1 Racing Oils are perfectly blended to provide complete protection for your high performance engine. Under the most extreme race conditions, SR-1 Racing Oils will keep your engine running cooler and longer - after all, the objective is to finish! Torco SR-1 Racing Oils are formulated with a unique combination of synthetic base oils and Torco's proprietary additive, Generation II MPZ®, which is engineered to outperform and outlast the competition, with race proven results.

Note: Only low quantities of this oil weight remain. Users of this weight are recommended to select the Torco 0w20 SR-1 Oil when stock depletes. Available to purchase here. 

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