Advan Carbon

PurAuto is proud to be an authorized distributor for Advan Carbon. They are known for their world-renowned Carbon Fiber Hood. One of their famous products is the OEM Style 1991-2001 Acura NSX Carbon Fiber Hood. MADE IN U.S.A. product with MADE IN U.S.A. material with the Highest Quality material & Craftsmanship for fit and finish. It comes in black carbon smooth glossy standard American 2X2 twill weave finish with U.V. protection. With decades of experience, Advan Carbon Technologies is able to offer the widest range of Custom Colors utilizing the world's most technologically advanced materials. We use materials such as Aramid, Carbon, Kevlar and Zylon which were used only by Aerospace, Military, NASA and Formula 1 racing. Advan Carbon is proud to be first in the market to utilize these materials for cosmetic use on regular street vehicles.

We carry the full line of Advan Carbon products that set the standard for the industry because Advan Carbon is specializing in Carbon Fiber Products and the Innovation of Carbon Fiber Technology; it has the capability of making wet-laid, Vacuum Bag, Vacuum Infusion, Light RTM and even Dry Carbon. Advan Carbon has been working very closely in developing products together with many Automobiles Makers & Tuner Specialists.

Established in early 2004, Advan Carbon Technologies Directors have roots as broad enthusiasts of Domestic, European and Japanese Car Tuning Industries. Based on the corporate principle that places the highest priority on product quality and technological efficiency, Advan Carbon Technologies is unrivalled in manufacturing the best carbon fibre automotive racing products. They pride themselves on the craftsmanship of U.S. Made products using All American Made materials.


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