Blitz R-VIT I-Color Flash 3.1 Silver

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Blitz R-VIT i-Color is a monitoring multi meter designed for vehicles with a obd-2 port. It features a 65,000 color LCD screen with multi angle display. It can be set on three different angles depending on the location of installations. The R-VIT monitors 29 items and able to display 6 items simultaneously. Monitored items are: Speed, RPM, Water Temp, Ignition Timing, Fuel Injection Time, Air Flow Voltage, Outside Temp, Intake Manifold Pressure, Boost, O2 Voltage, O2 Rear Voltage, Air/Fuel, Intake Air Mass, Battery Voltage, Throttle Output, AT Temp, Gear Position, 4WD Ratio, Fuel Pressure, Momentarily Fuel Consumption, Malfunction Diagnosis Code, Lock Up ON/OFF, External Voltage Input/External Temp Input, Fuel Pressure Control, Fuel Injection Control, Electric Fan Control.

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