BLITZ began in the late 1970's as a circuit racing team and eventually developed into a high performance tuning shop. In 1980 BLITZ Co., LTD. was established in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was to produce high performance products without sacrificing the capability if being daily driven, commuter cars.

Every BLITZ produced has gone through extensive research and testing to ensure optimum performance.


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Blitz Radiator Caps 18560 Item ImageBlitz Type 1 Racing Radiator Cap 1.3 Bar (Most Nissan/Infiniti)
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Blitz Flanges & Adapters ZZ3002US Item ImageBlitz BOV DD & VD Aluminum Flange
Blitz  | MPN: ZZ3002US
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Blitz Intercooler Kits 23102 Item ImageBlitz Type SE Front Mount Intercooler SR20DET S13
Blitz  | MPN: 23102
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Blitz Catback Exhaust MT3140 Item ImageBlitz Exhaust System NUR-R JZZ30 1JZ-GTE Before m/c 03LLM
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Blitz Shirts US9002XL Item ImageBlitz US Performance Quarter Zip Pit Shirt - Black, XL
Blitz  | MPN: US9002XL
Blitz US Performance Quarter Zip Pit Shirt - Black, XL Sale price$15.00 USD Regular price$70.00 USD
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Blitz Bumpers 60258 Item Image
Blitz  | MPN: 60258
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Blitz Miscellaneous Replacement Parts 59000 Item ImageBlitz SUS LM Air Cleaner Optional Parts - Replacement Assembly E2 Red
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Blitz OEM Replacement Filters 59510 Item ImageBlitz OEM Drop In Replacement- Air Cleaner SUS Filter LM SD-60B
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Blitz Catback Exhaust MS2060 Item ImageBlitz Nur Spec S Exhaust System 02-07 Subaru WRX
Blitz  | MPN: MS2060
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Blitz OEM Replacement Filters 59533 Item ImageBlitz SUS Power LM Panel Engine Air Filter Acura Integra
Blitz  | MPN: 10124-021
Blitz  | MPN: 10124-014
Blitz  | MPN: S0291
Blitz  | MPN: 14416
Blitz  | MPN: S3391
Blitz Flange Nut M6 13YMY Sale price$2.00 USD
Blitz  | MPN: S0220
Blitz  | MPN: MT3050
Blitz  | MPN: S0537
Blitz Cap Bolt M8 x 30 13YMX Sale price$2.00 USD
Blitz  | MPN: S0353
Blitz  | MPN: 23124
Blitz  | MPN: 10124-013
Blitz  | MPN: 10124-015
Blitz  | MPN: S3392
Blitz Flange Nut M10 13YN0 Sale price$1.00 USD