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The Blitz Sequential Boost Controller i-Color takes controlling boost to the next level! Based on the SBC i-D III, this 65,000 color display boost controller adds looks and even more precise algorithms to manage your boost levels. The control solenoid technology that has been perfected by Blitz over the past several models of boost controllers allows for maximum boost response up to 1.3 bar (18.85 psi). Below are some of the key features of this unit.

  • Boost unit (PSI, bar, kPa, and kg/cm2)
  • Power Meter - Display estimated hp, torque, and A/F ratio (w/ optional harness) on a graph
  • Full Color Display - 65,000 colors, all in one beautiful little pocket sized unit
  • Up to 12 pieces of data can be monitored, with a maximum of 6 displayed at a time on a single screen
  • Peak hold
  • Boost warning and limiter
  • Automatic boost correction
  • Manual or automatic boost setting
  • Record and replay

Further enhance your SBC i-Color with optional harnesses, such as the Temperature Sensor Harness and the A/F box (allows for monitoring A/F or Pressure).

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