PurAuto is proud to present Odyssey batteries. The EnerSys Corporation produces the Odyssey Racing Battery, Odyssey Heavy-Duty Battery and the Odyssey Start Battery each of which are built to handle specific situations. From heavy construction to the weekend fisherman, a battery is specifically designed to offer the best in reliability and power. It has welded intercell connections that control extreme vibration and it is especially designed to prevent acid spillage. The Odyssey is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery with a thin lead plate. A large number of these places, which are made of 99.99% pure lead, are fitted into the battery producing more plate surface. These plate surface allows the battery to produce twice as much power as regular batteries, lengthens its life and allows it to withstand heavy usage and rough conditions.

ODYSSEY batteries are manufactured by EnerSys Energy Products Inc., wholly owned subsidiary of EnerSys. EnerSys is a global leader in stored energy solutions for automotive, military and industrial applications. With manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, sales and service locations throughout the world, and over 100 years of battery experience, EnerSys is a powerful partner for automotive, marine, heavy duty equipment and powersports service and parts providers.

The Odyssey battery eliminates the worry of a motor going dead in the middle of a good fishing trip, has an extremely long life, outstanding starting ability, and supplies triple power of that provided by a conventional battery.


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Odyssey Batteries PC310 Item Image
Odyssey  | MPN: PC310
odyssey battery vehicle battery  frsport odx-agm65
Odyssey  | MPN: ODX-AGM65
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Odyssey  | MPN: 0785-2020
Odyssey Battery 930CCA/1290CA 27 Series ODYODX-AGM27
Odyssey  | MPN: ODX-AGM27
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Odyssey  | MPN: ER40
Odyssey eme Racing ER40 Drycell Battery Sale price$320.45 USD Regular price$373.86 USD
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Odyssey Batteries ER22 Item ImageOdyssey Extreme Racing ER22 Drycell Battery
Odyssey  | MPN: ER22
Odyssey Extreme Racing ER22 Drycell Battery Sale price$110.41 USD Regular price$159.04 USD
Odyssey  | MPN: 8D-1500
Odyssey 8D-1500 Sale price$731.55 USD
Odyssey  | MPN: NP5-12
Odyssey NP5-12 Sale price$24.44 USD
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM48H6L3
Odyssey  | MPN: ODS-AGM28MJA
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM31
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM35
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM8D
Odyssey  | MPN: ODX-AGM3478
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM47H5L2
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM96R
Odyssey  | MPN: ODX-AGM31
Odyssey Battery Vehicle Battery ODX-AGM34Odyssey Battery Vehicle Battery ODX-AGM34
Odyssey  | MPN: ODX-AGM34
Odyssey  | MPN: 65-760
Odyssey 65-760 Sale price$371.74 USD
Odyssey Battery Vehicle Battery ODP-AGM49H8L5Odyssey Battery Vehicle Battery ODP-AGM49H8L5
Odyssey  | MPN: ODP-AGM49H8L5
Odyssey 65-PC1750T
Odyssey  | MPN: 65-PC1750T
Odyssey 65-PC1750T Sale price$404.24 USD
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Odyssey Powersports Battery 12V 275CCA Charging Systems Batteries main image
Odyssey  | MPN: ODS-AGM20L