Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN-400 Turbo

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Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN-400 Turbo

The TN 400 is the first turbocharger in Turbonetics TN series of turbochargers. The TN Series is designed to provide uncompromised performance at an extremely cost effective price. The TN400 utilizes the tried and true T04E 50 trim compressor with an F1-57 (57mm) T3 turbine. This turbocharger represents one of the most flexible and highly used combinations with most 4 cylinder engines and delivers on Turbonetics committment to provide you a turbocharger that does not compromise performance for cost. All Turbonetics TN Series turbos come standard with a 16mm wet bearing section. Available with either a standard bearing or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing configuration.

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