Takata 4 Point Professional Race Harness (LONG)

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Takata 3" Wide Long Racing Harness is a true competition racing harness that protects and secures a driver in the seat under extreme driving conditions. Takata racing harness is trusted by may Japanese professional racecar drivers, not only on the tracks but also in rally races. These high quality, FIA certified harness comes in a green color which trademarks the Takata brand. Takata has the experience and technology needed to provide Formula 1 quality safety harness. This harness is approved by FIA 8853/98 and 88543/98.

Takata Kit Includes:

-Long harness for 4 or 5 passenger vehicles
-Cam lock buckle device
-Belt length adjuster
-Eyebolt fasteners
-4 short eye bolts

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