Takata FIA 2018 homologated 4-point belt with asm, 3"

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The RACE 4 is the benchmark harness for Track Day/Drift/Show cars. This true racing harness comes with FIA approval, and the exclusive TAKATA aluminum multi-point release cam-lock buckle. Unique to these products is the feature of ASM® (anti submarining mechanism) which is added to the right shoulder belt. ASM® activates whenever an impact of a critical level occurs releasing and extra two inches of webbing on the right shoulder - allowing enough upper torso rotation and thus helping to reduce the likelihood of submarining.

Featuring 3" shoulder belts, and 2" lap belts with Pull-up adjusters. The lap belt Snap-On attachment brackets are sewn into the lap belts. The shoulder belt attachment brackets are wrapped in and can be removed allowing you to wrap the shoulder belts to a harnessbar or rollbar using the 3-bar adjusters provided.


  • Product Type : Seat Belt
  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Takata

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