SPEC Clutch Stage 3 Kit Audi TT 2001-2003

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Features a carbon semi-metallic 6 puck sprung hub disc that has been the leading puck clutch in drivability, life and torque capacity. This unit is designed for street and race cars that require an aggressive but streetable engagement and high torque capacity. The hub is double sprung with spring cover relieves for flexibility and heat treated components for strength and durability. Also available in 3 puck configuration. Great for street, drag, road racing, pulling, rallye and drift.

  • High clamp pressure plate
  • Carbon-Graphite Friction material
  • High torque sprung hub and disc assembly
  • Bearing and tool kit
  • Torque Capacity: 440lbs ft
  • Engine: 1.8T
  • Note: 5sp FWD
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