PIAA H3 Intense White 4100K Light Bulb Single Pack

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The Name Says it All! PIAA's Intense White bulbs produce a more radiant white beam without any hint of blue. This bulb has been completely re-engineered from the ground up. What you'll see in the H3 series bulbs is a larger glass tube with a white top coat. The larger glass tube increases output (28% whiter color than STAR WHITE) and allows the bulb to burn at much cooler temperatures. PIAA's new Intense White Bulbs provide the best possible balance between performance and bulb life.

If you don't know your bulb application, please give us a call and we can find out for you. 1-866-507-6853.


  • Bulb Type   H3
  • Wattage 55W = 100w, 4100K
  • Technology Intense White


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