Diftech O2 Oxygen Sensor Adapter - STANDARD M18x1.5 To M12x1.25 22mm Hex

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  • Made from stainless steel
  • Standard version (Short)
  • Metric M18x1.5 mm, M12x1.25
  • Sealing gasket included
  • Anti-seize compound included
Diftech O2 Sensor Adapter with 22mm Hex Head Size is made for those using the skinny 12mm O2 sensors on the 18mm bung on the downpipe or elbow. This is the short version O2 sensor adapter. Package includes 18mm copper gasket for a perfect seal and anti-seize lubrication for thread protection.
Converts M18x1.5 bung to M12x1.25 bung. Allows M12x1.25 o2 sensors to be used on an M18x1.5 bung.
Note: This short adapter partially leaves the O2 sensor unshrouded. For the long (shrouded) version search 10082

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