Nagisa 011RD Bucket Seat Rail (Dual Lock) Silvia S13 S14 S15


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NAMS / Nagisa Auto Super Low, DUAL LOCK Seat Rail NISSAN 240SX

     NAMS super low adjustable seat rail features 3 adjustment for the font and 3 adjustment for the rear of the seat providing many different combinations of angles and seat height. Great for for tall persons who need super low seat for helmet clearance or persons who want adjustable bucket seat height and angle. Ball bearing rollers provides super smooth sliding adjustment with heavy duty  lock for safety and reliability. This seat rail will fit most standard sized bucket seats utilizing SIDE MOUNTING brackets such as Bride, Sparco, Buddy Club, etc... DUAL LOCK VERSION FOR MASSIVE ABUSE WEAR AND TEAR.


  • RH US Passenger ultra low sidemount seat rail.
  • Super low mounting brackets w/ adjustable seat angle/positions.
  • High quality roller bearing and reinforced adjustment bracket.
  • Works with most sidemount bucket seats on the market.


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