Moonface MF-R PRO Roll Center Adjuster S14 S15 R33 R34

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Moonface SAB13 MF-R PRO Roll Center Adjuster for the S14, S15, ECR33 ECR34 FRONT (Skyline) and BCNR33 BNR34 (Skyline GT-R) REAR. This Roll Center Adjuster replaces the stock lower control arm bushing. By increasing the height of the bushing, the control arm can now sit lower and straight with the horizontal plane allowing greater shock travel and increased stability.

For a stock height normal car, the control arms are preset by the manufacturer to give optimum results. On a lowered car, these control arms are bent differently and will completely change the geometry of the vehicle. With the Roll Center Adjuster, enthusiasts can now correct the height and geometry of the lower control arms to yield optimum results again, resulting in INCREASED TRACTION AND BETTER STABILITY.

Note: This kit is for a pair only!

Purchase 2 sets for front and rear complete set

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