Circuit Sports USA Oil Baffle Plate - Mazda Miata 90-05 NA/NB/MSM

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Circuit Sports oil pan baffles are designed to be compatible with NA 1.6 and 1.8, NB 1.8, and Mazdaspeed Turbo 1.8. No other baffle on the market is compatible with the Mazdaspeed.

The baffle dramatically improves retaining oil around the end of the pick up tube at the bottom of the oil pan under extreme G-forces.

The center baffle has two Viton flaps that act as one-way valves to allow oil to return to the sump during acceleration, but not leave it during deceleration.

NOTE: Requires removal of engine from car and removal of oil pan from the block, so this is something that you’d install when you have a motor on a stand being rebuilt.

Must slightly bend to lock the 4 post (piece with the Viton flaps) to the two outside pieces. Please view the last picture for reference.

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