Koni Sport Yellow Rear Strut - 95-98 S14 240SX

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Koni Sport Yellow Rear Strut - 95-98 S14 240SX

Koni Sport Yellows are an excellent shock absorber. Koni retains the highest quality and performance in the industry. Each shock absorber will provide superior handling control and compliments other vehicle upgrades.  You will notice big handling improvements, excellent ride quality, and reduced body roll.

Most Koni Sport Yellows are externally rebound adjustable (some will need to be removed from the car). Compared to other brands such as Tokico and KYB, Koni is the only one that has the widest range of adjustment while retaining digressive valving. Digressive valving means that the shock is valved for both low speeds and high speeds. That will give you unparallel performance for both street and highway driving.

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  • Rebound adjustable (remove from car)
  • Twin tube low pressure gas
  • Great for most lowering springs


  • Bump stops are required
  • Sold as 1 item. Please add 2 to your cart to make a set

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