Kazama Shift Knob & Spin Turn Knob Set (Nissan 6 Speed)


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Kazama Shift Knob & Spin Turn Knob Set Nissan 6Spd MT (NEW)

Kazama shift knob and spin turn knob are very attractive pieces for interior dressing and also provides excellent funcionality. The weighted shifter provides a more solid shift feel and the spin turn knob replaces the stock factory parking brake button with one that can prevent the parking brake lock function by simply spinning the knob.  These two well made pieces are sold together for one great price!The shift lever knob is a vital part of the driving experience, being a part of your interior that you come in contact with repeatedly on a daily basis. The Spin Turn Knob assists with handbrake use while driving, by allowing you to disengage the automatic handbrake lock when needed and re-engaging it with a flick of your thumb when parking.


  • M12 x 1.25
  • Shift Knob & Handbrake Knob Combo
  • Works for Nissan S15 6 Speed Manual Transmission

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