HKS S-Series Super Fire Racing Spark Plug Heat Range 7

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HKS S-Series Super Fire Racing spark plugs are high performance Iridium plugs designed to handle advanced levels of tuning and still offer easy start-up and smooth idling.

S-Series Super Fire Spark Plugs Feature:
- 0.4mm diameter Iridium plug electrode core
- U-shaped grooved electrode

* S-Series Super Fire Spark Plugs are recommended for smooth cold starting, response and acceleration.

The Iridium alloy is used because of its durability and reliability. On an average plug, a narrow core typically shortens life span of plug but with the intense durability of iridium there is no sacrifice in any longevity. With a high melting point of 2454 degrees C, opposed to the 1769 degrees C of white gold, the electrode can tolerate the high levels of compression and minor knocking without any deterioration. A nickel coating on the housing also prevents the spark plug from premature deterioration. The Iridium plugs are available for multiple applications and offered in "colder" heat ranges of 7 and up and specifically for rotary, heat ranges of 9 and up are offered.

*sold individually*

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