HKS Extra Wire Kit for Circle Earth Grounding System

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HKS Circular Grounding System utilizes a 24 karat gold plated distribution block and multiple grounding points for improved idle and drivability. Additional grounding points equalize resistance and voltage between various ground points on the car resulting in a more stable electrical system. This will yield better engine response and horsepower by allowing the electrical accessories to work more in tuned with each other offering a more accurate reading. Each cable is an 8 gauge spiral twined wiring wrapped with signature HKS purple plastic to protect and add color to the Circle Earth System.

This is a kit extra HKS wiring for use with HKS Circle Earth Grounding Kits. It comes with 3 meter or 9.84 ft of HKS themed wiring indentical to the ones from the HKS Circle Earth Kit. This is used to change the length of wiring for your specific applications or to add additional grounding points. This kit does not come with hardwares so extra terminals, hardware, and sleeves kit are available HKS #48004-AK003 (Addl. Hardwares).

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