HKS Dual Resonated Front Pipe - Toyota 86 Scion FRS Subaru BRZ

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Product Info

Straight design without catalyzer = Power Up, because of the low exhaust pressure. (Complied for Step-up tuning.)

Pipe Size : 60mm


The main part for the high output is the exhaust manifold shown on the following graph.

We recommend having a total full straight exhaust tuning by having more power by changing the muffler and exhaust manifold and tune the sound with the front pipe.

* If the exhaust manifold is changed, the engine check light might be turn on for a certain combination. So the muffler + front pipe combination is an effective choice.

Straight design and still clear sound

The catalyzer-less straight pipe will have bad noise. So we have tested for frequency analysis as shown on the graph, and tuned the sound with 2 resonators.