Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads 03-04 350Z Track Model

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Hawk HB181F.590 HPS Front Brake Pads 03-04 350Z Track Model

Hawk Performance HPS Road/Sport disc brake pads are designed for high speed driving that may encounter repetitive heavy braking. Hawk Performance HPS Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. 

Hawk Performance HPS pads offer 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than OEM standard replacement pads. These brake pads are also formulated to run cleaner and release extremely low levels of dust in normal street driving.

Hawk Performance HPS Brake Pads Features:

  • High friction/torque hot or cold
  • Gentle on rotors
  • Very quiet, low noise
  • Improved braking over OE pads
  • Extended pad life
  • Brembo w/ 18inch Wheels

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