FRSPORT Cometic Streetpro Engine Gasket Kit 87.5mm Head Gasket S13 SR20DET

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Cometic Top End and Bottom End Engine Gasket Kit is a great choice. This is a high quality gasket kit by Cometic. Many gaskets in this kit is made of steel which can withstand higher heat than conventional paper gaskets. Instead of using paper gaskets for the rest of the kit, Cometic decided to use a high quality material (almost leather-like) to provide longetivity, durability, and an even seal.

  • Metal Head Gasket with Multi Layer Construction - Same one that is sold seperatly from Cometic
  • OEM Quality Valve Stem & Front/Rear Main Seals
  • Metal Multi Layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Note: Pictures are for reference only and may not be actual product. This includes the Cometic Top and Bottom gasket kits.

Kit Components:


.045" MLS Head Gasket 87.5MM Bore - Qty: 1
.030" MLS Exhaust Gasket - Qty: 1
Intake Manifold Gasket - Qty: 1
Intake Valve Stem Seals - Qty: 8
Exhaust Valve Stem Seals - Qty: 8
T25 Turbo Flange Gasket - Qty: 1
Turbo Outlet Gasket - Qty: 1
Turbo Compressor Outlet - Qty: 1
Copper Eyebolt Washers (Medium) - Qty: 6
Copper Eyebolt Washers (Small) - Qty: 2
Turbo Oil Inlet Gasket - Qty: 1
Throttle Body Gasket - Qty: 1
Idle Air Control Gasket - Qty: 1
Sidemount Intercooler Gaskets - Qty: 2
Upper Injector O-Rings/CA Sensor O-Ring - Qty: 5
Lower Injector O-Rings - Qty: 4
Timing Chain Tensioner Gasket - Qty: 1
Intake Plenum Gasket - Qty: 1


Rear Main Seal - Qty: 1
Oil Strainer Gasket - Qty: 1
Rear Main Retaining Gasket - Qty: 1
3 Bolt T-Stat Housing Gasket - Qty: 1
2 Bolt T-Stat To Block Gasket - Qty: 1
Front Cover Seal - Qty: 1

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