Enkei RPF1 Wheel Silver 17x7 +35 4x100

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Name an iconic wheel that compliments more cars than the Enkei RPF1. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. With a minimalist twin spoke design, the RPF1 has become one of the most desirable and go-to wheels for many enthusiasts. 

The Enkei RPF1 is a one piece rotary forged wheel with a dual open stance spoke design, which is the same technology used in the McLaren Honda’s Formula 1 race wheel. The twin spokes allow for better stress distribution on curves, hard braking, and extreme driving. These 6 spoke wheels are available in multiple sizes and PCD options which fit on the Mazda Miata, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX, Nissan 350z, and many more. 

You’ll find these wheels on daily-drivers, street car builds, and dedicated track cars. With its clean and timeless design, notable rigidity, and performance in extreme race conditions, there is no wheel more versatile than the Enkei RPF1.

  • Available in 17" or 18 " diameter, multiple hub configurations, and a wide assortment of colors.  
  • Enkei’s RPF1 comes in 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 (Cap not included 15×8-18×10.5, no cap available for 14×7 and 15×7).
  • Colors available are F1 Silver, Gold, Black, SBC (special order).  
  • Created with MAT Technology (Most Advanced Technology), a new manufacturing process or aluminum wheels, which drastically improves the material property and strength of the wheels.
  • Shaping the wheels using the MAT process reduces wheel weight by up to 15%.This allows you to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle weight by 20lbs.
  • Rim-Rolled technology shapes the rim to improve material elongation without sacrificing the wheels.
  • All Enkei wheels are Spec-E inspected to pass rigorous testing. Spec-E testing is tougher than JWL requirements.

Get ready to bolt these on and make those heads turn. Our staff is ready to help you with whatever you need to get these wheels from our warehouse onto your car. We offer the best prices and fast shipping, so you won’t have to wait long to be riding in style. 

MAT Technology

Enkei developed a new manufacturing process to produce the next aluminum wheel generation. The Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T) combines one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning process. Using this new technology of casting and rim forming by M.A.T process, is critical to improve drastically the material property and strength of the wheels. Rim-Rolled technology shapes the rim to improve material elongation without sacrificing the wheels hardness.


All Enkei wheels are engineered to pass rigorous testing. In fact, Enkei established its own test standard called “Spec-E,” which is tougher than JWL requirements. Enkei’s Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards.The Spec-E represents Enkei’s confidence in its technology and quality of Enkei wheels.


No cap available for 14x7 or 15x7 wheels  

  • Cap # A379-0000SP is optional for 15x8, 16", 17" and 18" wheels
  • Matte Black and SBC finish are limited sizes and special order only

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