Diftech Clutch Line Braided Stainless Steel Firesleeved for Honda S2000 2004-2

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DIF Stainless Steel Clutch Line - Honda AP1 S2000 00-03

The DIF Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Lines, wrapped in Goodridge fireproof silicone sleeves, are some of the highest quality clutchlines for the price. Made in the USA, these lines will live up to the test of time and ensure your clutch enagages properly. The fireproof silicone sleeving is also an insulator and fire retardant that can handle temperatures of up to 1090ºC and will withstand short term flame exposure; as a side benefit, it further protects the lines from any sort of damaging road debris. The sum of all these features should only reassure you to upgrade your clutchlines and regain some peace of mind in the process. 

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