Diftech 10005 Thermostatic PWM True Variable Speed Electric Fan Contro

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DIF Universal PWM Fan Controller Variable Speed utilizes digital technology to provide up to 60 amps of continuous current for variable-speed fan control, allowing any automotive electric fan setup! Most vehicle setups include an ON/OFF relay to control the electric fans. While this works, power is wasted through operating the fans at full power along with the loudness of fans when the engine is only a few degrees above the operating temperature of the thermostat.

The DIF PWM fan controller solves this problem by turning the fans on initially at the minimum speed required to keep the engine cool and increasing the speed as required.  This not only provides a MUCH QUIETER operation but also frees up power and improves fuel economy. 

If an electric fan setup draws 30 amps fully on, DIF controller will control the fans so that they only draw 6 amps of current and only ramp up the power if required!

With adjustable settings from 150F to 215F, the unit can be optimized for any vehicle setup, ranging from OEM setups to highly modified performance vehicles. The unit also features soft-start turn on to alleviate the current surge problems of turning on the fans, A/C bypass, and manual turn-on.

Each DIF PWM fan controller is housed in a CNC 6061 black brushed aluminum case and includes all necessary hardware to make your installation simple.

With no mechanical relays and all automotive grade electronic components, the unit is designed to ensure years of trouble-free operation.  It's the last fan controller setup you will ever need!

The DIF PWM fan controller features:

  • CNC 6061 black brushed aluminum casing
  • True variable speed fan control with duty cycles from 20% to 100%
  • Precise and accurate digital temperature control from 150F (65C) to 215F (101C), user selectable
  • A/C bypass and manual switch bypass
  • User selectable cooldown feature
  • LED display to indicate unit status
  • Uitlizes OEM 2-wire temperature sensor for accuray and consistency
  • All necessary wiring and hardware for simple installation

Works for all EFI engines utilizing 2-wire temperature sensor and with ANY automotive electric fan(s) with its ability to handle the large in-rush current.


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