Cusco Zero-2 Coilovers w/ Pillowball Mounts Nissan 350Z All 2003-2009

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The Cusco Zero-2 Coilovers are a fully adjustable kit providing excellent ride on the road or at the track!

5 way adjustable coilover kit with ride height adjustment.
Fully adjustable kit
5 stages of rebound control
New and improved anti-rust protection design

Recommended for drivers who:

Want a lower the ride height without sacrificing stroke length.
Wants to explore various personalized settings for different road, track or weather conditions.
Frequently changes various tire applications for purposes.
Want a smooth comfortable shock absorbers recommended settings.

Versatile five stage fully adjustable shock absorbers recommended settings.

Stage 1 or 2..for everyday city use
Stage 3 or 4..for high grip radius tires
Stage 4 or 5..for competition tiresZero-2 Coilovers w/ Pillowball Mounts

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