CP-Carrillo Piston Rings set for 1 Piston of Kit Part SC7325

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CP Pistons Piston Rings are produced to give our customers the best possible ring seal and minimize blow-by. Purchased in bulk from the finest manufacturers in the world and packaged in combinations for your application. All rings are also available individually.

These sets deliver reliable and dependable performance and come in a variety of sizes and widths. CP Pistons can custom design any combination Top, Second, and Oil ring shown, to be made as a custom ring set.

In Choosing your ring combination we consider:

  • Power adders (supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous)
  • Type of racing
  • RPM
  • Type of fuel
  • Expected life

From this information, we choose:

  • Ring material
  • Ring thickness
  • Ring sealing surface
  • Ring design
  • Ring tension (radial wall)
  • CP Piston Rings are priced and sold per ringset. 4 Cylinder engines will require 4
  • Individual Ring Set
  • 2nd Ring: 1.5mm Cast Iron Back Cut 2nd Ring
  • Bore: 3.406in
  • Oil Ring: 3.0mm .150 Radial Wall Low Tension Flex Vent Oil Ring
  • Top Ring: Gas Nitride Top Ring