Bride FRP Zeta III Racing Bucket Seat Red Gradation

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Undoubtedly Bride Zeta III FRP Racing Seat is extremely comfortable even though it is a bucket-type. With smooth styling and lightweight attributes, this seat is considered to be one of the best. Being F.I.A. approved and utilizing state of the art technology, drivers can rest assured that this seat will deliver the performance, safety, and comfort that every seat should have. But of course, not every seat are made equal, that is why Bride have contributed through many years of racing, to dedicate in designing a seat where everyone can put trust in. Drivers around the world including professional racers, circuit racers, motorsports enthusiasts, and daily drivers can finally enjoy an all-around seat that offers no compromise between comfort, safety, and style.


  • Side mount
  • Reinforced side bolsters
  • Suede shoulders
  • Removable seat pad
  • Sparkling FRP back support

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