Blitz Power Meter i-Color Black

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The Blitz Power Meter  i-Color is perfect for anyone who already has a boost controller or an N/A car! The Power Meter is essentially the SBC i-Color without the boost functionality. this 65,000 color display allows you to monitor your vital ECU outputs in style. Below are some of the key features of this unit.

  • Power Meter - Display estimated hp, torque, and A/F ratio (w/ optional harness) on a graph
  • Full Color Display - 65,000 colors, all in one beautiful little pocket sized unit
  • Up to 12 pieces of data can be monitored, with a maximum of 6 displayed at a time on a single screen
  • All SBC i-Color boost functions if integrated with an SBC i-D

This unit can be combined with the SBC i-D III to become the same as an SBC i-Color!

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