APEXi (87mm x 1.8mm) Metal Head Gasket SR20DET S13 S14 S15

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Apexi Metal Head Gasket for the RWD SR20DET (S13 S14 S15). Premiere Japanese tuner Apexi presents one of the most popular head gaskets on the market for the RWD SR20DET Engine. This gasket is available in various bore sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific application. The Apexi uses a Full Grommet style head gasket. Full Grommet head gaskets have superior sealing capacity and durability. Each cylinder bore incorporates a fire ring to seal gas pressure at high boost.

NOTE: When purchasing Apexi Head Gaskets, please choose the same size as your cylinder bore. For example, if you have 86mm bore, please choose 86mm size. When you purchase Apexi Head Gasket 86mm, it will come with 87mm. When choosing any head gaskets, the gasket size should always be 1-2mm bigger than the current cylinder bore.

Picture shown is of the 87mm x 1.1mm model.

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