APEXi N1 ExTi Universal Muffler 60.5mm Inlet

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The N1 Muffler series has evolved once again! Now, The N1 ExTi (Expert Titanium) offers all the performance and quality of our race proven N1 ExTi Muffler system in a universal. For years, the N1 Titanium has only been available to our customers in Japan; at A'PEX USA we are very pleased to be able to offer this muffler to the US tuning market under the N1 ExTi name.The muffler features a full titanium canister which discharges through an adjustable length 115mm super heated (burnt) titanium tip. The 5 step adjustment range of the finisher tip is designed to allow users with aero kits the ability to extend or retract the tip to meet the dimensions of the rear bumper. Available in both NA (60.5mm inlet) and turbo (85mm inlet) trims, anyone can now have the N1ExTi muffler regardless of what type of car they own.

*** Item has been discontinued *** 

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