Agency Power Can-Am Maverick X3 Billet Wastegate Upgrade AP-UNI-152

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Agency Power Uncategorized AP-UNI-152 The new Agency Power billet aluminum wastegate is the perfect upgrade for your Can-Am X3 turbocharger. The new wastegate features a 1bar spring housed in an 85mm body. This design allows you to easily change springs and service the wastegate if needed. As a direct bolt-on to your factory turbo, the wastegate features an adjustable rod for those that would like to set your crack pressure specifically to your build. Perfect for those looking to get better boost response out of the stock tune, an ECU flashed car, or even a turbo upgrade. Doing a back to back dyno test, we show how the wastegate improves boost response and performance over the stock wastegate. Set at 1 full turn in from neutral, the new Agency Power billet wastegate holds 1 psi more than stock gaining you 4hp. Billet Wastegate Upgrade Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo Agency Power Billet Wastegate Upgrade Can-Am Maverick X3