Flexalite 18-inch 7-Blade Silver Flex Fan

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18-inch 7-Blade Silver Flex Fan

18-inch 7-Blade Stainless Steel Silver Flex Fan pulls more air at idle and reduces engine drag at higher rpm for better performance and fuel economy.

The 7-Blade Flex-a-lite Silver Flex Fans are great for pullling air through thick 3- or 4-core readiators and are quieter than a rigid-blade fan. They move more air at idle and the blades flatten out at higher engine RPM to reduce engine drag for better performance and improved fuel economy

Flex-A-Lite® was founded in 1962 with the original Flex Fan concept. These Flex Fans became the standard for engine-driven cooling fans, combining good looks with high efficiency. Flex-A-Lite® has made continuous advancements in Flex Fan technology and design, and the latest innovation is a premium, high-tech silver coating which is more durable.

This is a specially formulated silver coating that won't degrade or lose its luster in the harsh environment of an engine compartment. The silver finish also means that the fan will look great under the hood, regardless of the color of the engine or engine compartment.

Features of this specific Flex Fan include:

  • Standard rotation
  • 5/8 in. pilot
  • 1 3/4 - 2 1/2 in. bolt pattern
  • Premium silver finish with stainless steel blades

Must be used with Flex-A-Lite spacer or warranty will be voided.


Fan Diameter (inches): 18 1/4 in.

Number of Blades: 7

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