Carbotech performance brakes feature a unique brake pad technology that is now being used by enforcement agencies, and pro racers, etc. because Carbotech brakes utilize a ceramic and metallic construction in a range of compounds that out-perform competitive brakes. Carbotech brakes are made from compounds that offer higher initial bite, torque and fade resistance—providing consistent brake modulation and performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.

In addition, Carbotech brakes are rotor friendly, saving money and keeping your vehicle out of the service shop far longer than the competition. In the beginning, they thought like everybody else and made brake compounds out of carbon & iron. The problem with carbon & iron is that when it heats up it forms carbide. Carbide is used in cutting tools, so imagine what that does to your rotors. Along with the fact that those compounds tear up rotors, they also produce very corrosive brake dust. While their competition stills use carbon & iron as the main ingredients in their compounds, Carbotech started an entirely new philosophy eight years ago.

Carbotech Performance Brakes, the world leader in Ceramic friction materials. It was over eight years ago that Carbotech started building brake pads out of Ceramic, Kevlar, and Carbon for street, autocross and racing applications. Carbotech is the only brake pad manufacturer in the world with a complete line of Ceramic compounds for street, autocross, and track use. Carbotech-Ceramic compounds are known for their unsurpassed release & modulation while maintaining very consistent torque control characteristics. Carbotech brake pads are extremely rotor friendly and contain non-corrosive brake dust, that's something that has been unmatched by any other brake pad in the industry.


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Carbotech  | MPN: CT1303-XP20
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT1304-XP20
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT635-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CTW7420-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT617-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT525-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT1124-1521
Carbotech Brake Pads CT609-XP10 Item ImageCarbotech CT609-XP10 Front Brake Pads
Carbotech  | MPN: CT609-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT970-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT960-XP12
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT636-XP8
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT609-XP12
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT609-1521
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT537-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT412-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT1539-XP8
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT1405-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT961-XP12
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT939-1521
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT968-XP10
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Carbotech  | MPN: CT940-XP10