Accumetrics designed Automotive Telemetry for Torque, temperature, vibration, and strain can be transmitted off rotating shafts using dependable digital wireless techniques. They offer single channel and multi-channel systems, both induction and battery powered, to solve your challenging automotive test requirements. The application includes Dynamic torque and vibration measurements on drive shafts to support NVH development, Accessory pulley torque measurements, Temperature and stress monitoring on braking components, Prop shaft torque measurements to support powertrain development

Accumetrics, Inc., founded in 1992, became a part of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., in 2013. The company was born out of a passion for working with customers to solve problems and grew thanks to the strong relationships that developed. Accumetrics don't just sell products - they deliver solutions.

Accumetrics is a pioneer and global leader in rotor telemetry technology, They design, assemble, and support digital telemetry systems that transmit sensor data from rotating structures using wireless techniques. They were the first company to develop innovative ground fault detection techniques, and twenty-five years later They are still the go-to for ground fault detection technology.


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