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Dependable. Durable. Engineered and tested to the highest standards. Find the right ACDelco Parts for your vehicle from PurAuto website extensive product offerings. ACDelco Air Conditioning Parts include a complete range of components, from accumulators, receiver driers, blower motors, compressors, and condensers to filters, evaporators, and engine fan cooling motors. ACDelco Air Conditioning Parts are manufactured to deliver the reliability and durability expected of ACDelco. When reliable starting power is a priority, ACDelco Batteries are the answer. Whether the application is automotive, industrial, marine or recreational, ACDelco has a battery to meet virtually any need. Field-proven and backed with outstanding limited warranty coverage, ACDelco Batteries set the standard for performance.

ACDelco Bearings and Oil Seals fit a wide range of vehicles on the road today. Whether it be a taper, roller, clutch release, or wheel hub bearing, ACDelco offers a comprehensive range of oil seals to fit most repair jobs you're working on. When you’re in need of a bearing or oil seal, look to ACDelco for quality, value, and guaranteed performance. ACDelco auto parts offer consumers a choice of high-quality replacement parts designed to meet the parts’ fit, form, and function. ACDelco tie rods, sway bars, bushings, ball joints and control arms deliver performance.

With ACDelco Brakes, you can get the peace of mind that comes with parts that are expertly engineered, manufactured to stringent tolerances, thoroughly tested and backed by the ACDelco name. Trust ACDelco rotors, pads, drums, and other brake components to help you and your loved ones stay safe. With more than 100 years of experience, ACDelco knows how to help filter out the bad stuff. ACDelco GM Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Transmission Filters and Air Filters are manufactured from quality materials to deliver durability and excellent performance. ACDelco has filters to block just about everything – from engine oil filters that block particles one-third the size of a human hair, to cabin air filters that block faint odors in the air.

ACDelco is the premier supplier of GM Original Equipment automotive replacement parts. ACDelco offers 90,000+ auto parts across 37 product lines, and the products can be found around the globe. ACDelco is a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services, they focus has always been on building a reputation as the number-one source for quality auto parts. ACDelco provides high-quality parts for all major vehicle systems, as well as off-road, marine and industrial equipment. ACDelco product portfolio includes maintenance parts, such as car batteries, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, wiper blades, and brakes, as well as repair parts such as alternators, radiators, chassis, and heating/cooling components.


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