AASCO'S Billet Flywheels are light-weight, to improved performance and drastically reduced M.O.I. and flywheels are made of highest quality materials like 6061-T6 aluminum for the flywheel, treated high temp steel for the heat shield, only grade 8 aerospace quality fasteners, and OEM quality starter ring gears. AASCO'S Billet Flywheels is the highest tolerance manufacturing to ensure complete quality control and a perfect hassle-free installation, and they have also Stepped dowel pins so they are held captive by the clutch cover. Flywheels are CAD designed/ CNC machined for the ultimate in quality control

AASCO is a multi-faceted motorsports company that specializes in manufacturing lightweight driveline components. The company was founded in 1995 by brothers Dennis and Randall Aase. With the aid of CAD-CAM Software and CNC machines taking over the rulers and pencil of the past, Aasco has quickly become one of the most technically advanced flywheel manufacturing facilities in the U.S. The company still maintains a complete manual machine shop for those one-off custom applications, which allows it to make virtually anything. Its unique ability to manufacture thousands of the highest-quality OEM replacement lightweight flywheels as well as several hundred custom variations differentiates AASCO from the competition.


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AASCO Flywheel-Porsche- 997.2 Dfi, Year: 09-12, Engine: 3.6L/3.8L, Steel 99 Sale price$1,410.95 USD Regular price$1,485.00 USD
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AASCO Flywheel-Bmw- 328, Year: 99-00, Engine: 2.8L, E46 07VWK Sale price$598.95 USD Regular price$630.00 USD
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AASCO Flywheel-Porsche- 987.2 Cayman/Boxster, Year: 09-12, Engine: 3.4L/3.6 Sale price$1,173.95 USD Regular price$1,235.00 USD
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