New Product Release - ISR Performance New S13 + S14 Tension Rod Braces!

Tension rod braces

ISR Performance - Front tension rod power brace - 240sx S13 & S14 models available. See product S13 or S14 here.

We have just released our new S13 and S14 tension rod braces! These 3 piece braces are reinforced and designed to reduce flex and provide additional bracing between the frame rails. They come finished in a matte black powder-coat and work with all existing ISR Performance tension rods. Find more info regarding these here:

A fully reinforced replacement tension rod brace for the S Chassis. Designed to stiffen up the tension rod mounting points to reduce flex while also acting as an additional brace between the frame rails. The brackets are independently boxed in to provide constant support. The additional connecting bar is designed to clear most aftermarket sway bars but is removable.

Finished in a matte black coating.

Pair this power brace with any of the ISR adjustable tension rod below to suit your needs.

  • Street Tension Rods
  • Pro Tension Rods
  • High Angle Tension Rods

Whats in the box:

  1. 1x Left Bracket
  2. 1x Right Bracket
  3. 1x Connecting Bar

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