💪💨 2022+ Subaru WRX Air Intake from AMS Performance NOW AVAILABLE!!

Subaru WRX Air Intake

The AMS Performance 2022+ Subaru WRX Air Intake is simply the best engineered and best performing air intake available for your turbocharged FA24 engine equipped Subaru WRX. The AMS WRX Air Intake offers a much larger full 3″ intake piping size over the OEM intake system, providing a significant improvement in air flow and up to a 25 WHP gain over the stock intake! The optional enlarged duct and airbox keeps out the heat and prevents hot air from entering the engine, ensuring consistent performance even in high temperature conditions. The 6061 billet aluminum MAF housing allows for within spec air/fuel ratios by way of its CAD designed geometry, while the rechargeable dry media filter makes cleaning easy. Our custom shaped 4-ply silicone is designed for smooth air delivery, with a matched interior diameter to the 3″ mandrel bent aluminum intake piping, minimizing any turbulence or disruption in air flow. Best of all, no ECU calibration is required for install. Upgrading your VB WRX intake has never been easier with the AMS Performance 2022+ Subaru WRX Air Intake, allowing you to experience the ultimate in performance no-hassle installation. With the AMS Performance 2022+ Subaru WRX Air Intake, you’ll enjoy improved performance and a deeper, more aggressive sound – all with the peace of mind that comes with a high quality, exceptionally well engineered performance part.

  • 15 WHP gain out-of-the-box, or 25+ WHP gain with ECU tuning
  • No CEL and no ECU calibration required for install
  • Billet aluminum MAF housing with CAD designed geometry for within spec air/fuel ratios
  • Optional enlarged duct and airbox keeps your air filter surrounded by cold air
  • 149% increased duct to airbox connection size allows more cold air to enter airbox
  • Full 3″ mandrel bent intake pipe allows more airflow over OEM intake pipe
  • 4″ velocity stack integrated into MAF housing
  • Easily cleanable dry media filter for quick recharging
  • 4-ply silicone is designed with matched inner diameter for smooth air delivery


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