Porterfield Brake Pads for 2013 SUBARU BRZ w/ Solid Rear Disc R4-S / Front

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Porterfield Brake Pads for 2013 SUBARU BRZ w/ Solid Rear Disc

Porterfield R4

Porterfield R4 Carbon Kevlar based brake pads were fully designed for heavy-duty extreme motorsports use. Its one of the the few true motorsports competition pads available on the market today. The carbon based semi metallic R4 brake material allows the brake pad to absorb huge amounts of heat and dissipate it quickly and evenly over time. The Carbon-Kevlar material also allows the brake pad to heat up to operating temperature right away so little pad warmup is required for optimal operating condition. This compound also requires very little bed-in so that one is able to change out the pads and almost immediately able use them to their full potential.

R4 series provides high initial bite for immediate brake response while yielding extremely consistent modulation and predictability. This is great for all road courses, oval track, rally, vintage racing, autocross, club events, and professional driving events. This is one of the best motorsports pads we have used. Available for many applications, so please contact us if you do not see one for your car.

Porterfield R4-1

The R4-1 Vintage Full Race Compound was developed using knowledge testing in the vintage racing community. Optimum uses for the R4-1, under conditions where very high friction is needed with minimal warm up time and in applications where there is difficulty in maintaining sufficient heat with conventional race pad compounds. Widely used on vintage GT and formula cars the R4-1 is also gaining popularity in off-road and rally-cross classes. Great modulation, consistent pedal feedback and rotor friendly at all temperatures as with all the other Porterfield Carbon Kevlar compounds.

Porterfield R4-E

The R4-E Endurance Race Compound is a carbon kevlar compound made to last a bit longer than the original R-4 compound. The R4-E compound is designed to endure higher prolonged temperature and still has pad life as long or longer than Porterfield R-4 do. This pad is great for club enduro events and applications where temperatures are at their maximum.

Porterfield R4-S

Porterfield R4-S high performance street and autocross brake pads are great for heavy-duty street and light track applications. Compound is perfect for everyday use while still keeping the highly capable track ready performance. The R4-S features a high friction level that will increase your stopping power with minimal pedal effort.

The R4-S series pads are VERY VERY rotor friendly and yield very low levels of dust; levels are far below OEM equipment or any other high performance brake pads. Your car will stop better and your wheels will stay cleaner longer. Good for autocross, rallies, driving school, and of course daily driving with a little extra stopping power. R4-S pads are available for virtually all vehicles sold in the US and custom R4-S pad sizes for competition style calipers are also available.

This is one of the very best all around street/strip brake pads available at a great price.

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