ISR Performance MB SE Type -E Dual Tip Exhaust Nissan 240sx 95-98 S14

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ISR MB SE Type -E Dual Tip Exhaust Nissan 240sx 95-98 S14

The ISR Performance MBSE line of exhausts are designed to provide much greater flow than your stock exhaust system while still maintaining a relatively subdued sound and look. If you are looking for increased performance for your vehicle without catching unwanted attention, the MBSE series of exhaust are just what you are looking for!


The “Type E” MBSE will feature a large resonator box in the mid pipe with a large oval muffler at the rear of the system, however unlike the standard MBSE, the “Type E” features a dual tipped design.

What’s in the box:

  • 1x Resonated front pipe
  • 1x 3'' Muffler section with dual 3" Tips
  • 2x 2 Bolt 3" Exhaust gasket
  • 4x Bolts
  • 4x Nuts

** **

Legal only for use in competition vehicles which may never be registered, licensed, and/or used on public streets or highways; and also for use in other exempted vehicles.

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