HKS 00-03 Nissan Maxima Rear Section Exhaust Stainless Steel Muffler

SKU: 07DJW | MPN:  3302-EX082

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HKS Hi-Power Muffler came back with the same concept, "High Power & High Performance", and "Resonant Sound" and "Stylish" are harmonized together.

High performance for stock to high performance vehicles with upgraded turbines, sound quality, are the JASMA standard are implemented together. This had been impossible in a long exhaust tuning history.

Muffler Style               Legal 

Style                          Dual E1 

Material                      S4                         

Tip O.D.                      83 

Pipe Size                      60

Consist of                     1

Code No.                  3302-EX082

Remarks                  Rear Section Only,      

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