HKS Step 1 Intake SR20DET Camshaft S13

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HKS high performance camshafts are CAD designed cams to optimize torque and horsepower over the widest possible power band. Each HKS camshaft is offered in multiple profiles, each with their own lift and duration characteristics to suit various levels of tuning. Lower profiles offer substantial gains in power and a broad usable power band with little compromise of drivability. Higher profile camshafts offer greater increase in power but are accustomed for higher RPM range and racing applications.

Step 1- OEM Springs OK

Step 1: 256 Degree- 11.50mm Lift

Step 2: 264 Degree- 12.00mm Lift

Step 2: 272 Degree- 11.50mm Lift

Step 3: 264 Degree- 12.00mm Lift

Step 3: 272 Degree- 12.00mm Lift

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