HKS Piston and Connecting Rod Kit - Nissan R35 GT-R

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HKS 21004-AN016 Piston and Connecting Rod Kit - Nissan R35 GT-R

This Forged Piston Kit and Connecting Rod Set was designed in order to improve the performance of the R35 GT-R using the factory pistons and connecting rods. When paired with the GT800 Package and this bottom engine kit the R-35 can release most restrictions which enables higher performance numbers. This HKS Piston Kit and Connecting Rod Set are therefore best to used with the GT800 Package to upgrade the engine properly. Dozens of tuning shops and race teams have incorporated this kit and achieved tremendous, winning results.
High Output Specs:
  • The bore sizes of both Piston Kit and Connecting Rod Set are the same as the factory sizes so they can be replaced with the factory parts.
  • To avoid piston land breakage, HKS pistons are made with forged materials instead of casting like the factory pistons.
  •  It's recommended to use the GT800 Package for incredible results.
  • In-house test at 900PS confirmed the durability and safety.
  • The setting range is widened by reducing the pressure rate from 9.0 factory rate to 8.7.  This is necessary to increase the engine output using the aluminum block specs and/or bigger cylinder bore.

Factory OEM Improvements:

  • The weight of the connecting rods is the same as the factory. This because the affect of the V6 engine's peculiar vibrations are considered.
  • The pistons shed weight by approximately 25g.
  • The combined weight of all the HKS parts are optimized in order to harmonize with the factory crankshaft preventing the use a dummy weight to balance.
Extensive R&D: 
  • The 3D profile for the pistons were chosen from various profile tests.
  • The forged material was created exclusively for HKS and the optimal piston shapes were utilized.
  • Wit the results of our analysis, the durability of the factory connecting rod was improved by approx 46% while still maintaining the balance in tact.
  • All parts are MADE IN JAPAN (in-house product)

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