HKS GT800 GTII Turbo Kit - Nissan R35 GTR

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HKS 11003-AN011 GT800 GTII Turbo Kit - Nissan R35 GTR

The GT800 Turbo Kit with "Symmetrical Twin Turbo Layout" combined with other HKS performance products has the potential to increase the R35 GT-R engine performance to 800+ horsepower. No turbo upgrade kit will deliver 800+ horsepower AND allow the VR38DETT engine to live long-term and the R35 to deliver maximum driving performance and drivability. That is why HKS does extensive testing in the laboratory and on the track so HKS customers can achieve the maximum potential from their GT-R with confidence. By testing each HKS product individually and then combining these components into a system, HKS products can be offered as total performance systems for the most discriminating GT-R performance enthusiasts.

The JDM test vehicle results are based on the GT600 Racing Package which includes an upgraded fuel system, upgraded HKS engine components, and using the R35 Full Control System for Fuel Management. These items are recommended for optimal performance. 

*HKS will not be responsible for engine and/or transmission damage caused by the use of this kit.

*This kit must be used without the catalytic converters, therefore; the vehicle cannot be driven on any public roads or highways. Any vehicle with this kit installed may also void the factory manufacturer's warranty.

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