GReddy Sport Oil Filter OX-04 for VQ SR20 & 13B & EJ & ZC

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Greddy Sport Oil Filter for Nissan, Mazda, Honda, & Subaru. Featuring "double pleats" folding technology, this Greddy Sport Oil filter provides maximum filtration of unwanted contaminants, rust, and microscopic metal particles. The internal "double pleats" filter does a great job in keeping your oil free of metal shavings and prolonging your oil's life.


  • M20xP1.5, Dia. 68mm, H65mm 
  • Nissan VQ & SR20 (S14 & S15)
  • Mazda 13B
  • Honda ZC & B-Series
  • Subaru EJ

Images may vary upon different vehicle applications.

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