FC Datalogit for Power FC Datalogger Meter

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The FC Datalogit works in conjunction with Apexi Power FC units.  The datalogit allows the driver to tune the full parameters of the Power FC unit that isn't available through the handheld display.  Furthermore, the FC Datalogit has analog inputs to record external signals such as wideband O2, external knock meters, and switches.

You have FULL access to base maps, fuel maps, correction tables, and any other parameters that are in the Power FC unit.  Connects to the laptop via serial port. 

Serial to USB adapter cable also available to order, part number is Innovate Motorsports 3733.

Feature highlight:

  • Analog inputs for datalogging
  • Connects to laptop - unlimited datalogging
  • Full access to base maps and correction tables
  • Can use handheld unit AND datalogit simultaneously
  • Works with all Power FC units (D-jetro or L-jetro)

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