Diftech Thermostatic Dual Electronic Fan Controller Ver. C

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DIF 10085 Dual Electronic Fan Controller Ver. C.  Many vehicles have mechanical clutch fans that can rob the engine of power, or factory electric fans that lack the controls for rapid cool down during heavy use sessions.

DIF's dual fan controller was designed to address these issues by providing automatic controls for two independent fans. Each fan be adjusted to turn on indepedently at a user selectable set point, allowing it to turn on only as necessarily, freeing up horsepower and increasing throttle response!

The DIF fan controller uses factory OEM coolant temperature sensors for precise and accurate temperature control of your electric fans.  The controller can be used with dual electric fans or multi-speed fans, providing up to 15A per output, 30A total.


  • Dual integrated relays (15A each relay) to simplify wiring and reduce extra costs & time
  • Easy and quick installation with all necessary connectors provided.
  • Manual override input to rapidly cool down engine between track runs.
  • Uses OEM factory two-wire temperature sensor for precision.
  • A/C bypass input (+12V) to turn on both fan outputs.
  • Ignition input (+12V) to turn on / off the unit.
  • User programmable vehicle make  or universal sensor.
  • Improved cool-down logic with 30 second maximum limit.
  • Detented rotary switch to prevent accidental adjustment(s).

The DIF Electronic Dual Fan Controller Ver. C features an ALL NEW black anodized brushed aluminum that is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.


**ITEM DISCONTINUED, Replaced by Version D **

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