Absorber Detailing Wipes

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Detailing Wipes (99006M) by Absorber®. 8.5" x 6.6". Microfiber Sponge. With Applicator. The glosser® is a non-woven, triceraphillic (3-layer), microfiber that has cleaners and waxes embedded in the wipe. The microfiber lifts light surface contaminants while it cleans and waxes your vehicle all in the same stroke. It truly is a unique product. The glosser® is great for wiping off surface dust, bugs, and road grime. It can also be used on the interior of your car or truck too. Fantastic for cleaning door, hood, and trunk jams. Safe for all finishes. The key to the glossers® success is the patented technology used to make the wipe. The two outer microfiber layers contain cleaners. So as you gently wipe your vehicle the microfiber and cleaners gently remove surface dust and dirt. The middle layer has an embedded wax that is released as you wipe.

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