AIT Racing

AIT chooses Vacuum Infusion Process to produce all of its carbon fibre products. There are many benefits of using vacuum infusion rather than traditional hand-laid method. Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one-sided mould. The major benefits of Vacuum Infusion is that, it’s consistent thickness throughout, stronger and lighter laminate compares to traditional hand-laid and it lowers the deformation rate.

AIT Racing products are well renowned for quality and fitment in the market. Their product lines are utilized in D1, Formula Drift, NOPI Drift, Red Line Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, SCCA, NASA, and grass roots track events. They are also the first choice for the elite show car builders to create a show stopping car.

Established in June 2002, AIT is located 35 minutes from downtown L.A. in the Chino, California. We are the leading designer/distributor of FRP composite body kits, stylish fenders, spoilers and Carbon Fiber Hoods. Our products cover the show only to race ready. With 25,000+ sq. ft. of warehouse storage space, you can ensure you are working with one of largest distributor in the USA.


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